Business intelligence for barrel-aged spirits

We help distilleries efficiently collect and analyze data from each important step in the product lifecycle. 

Modernizing the timeless industry of distilling

For hundreds of years, distillers have honed their craft and created amazing barrel-aged products. Roth River is helping spirit-makers of all kinds to gain further knowledge and deeper insights into their tools and processes, to help take them into the next century.

Powerful insights

Quicky analyze one barrel, hundreds of barrels, a rickhouse, or all of your rickhouses. You decide what’s important.

Your data, your story

Every drop of spirit now has a data-driven story behind it. Share those stories internally or with your consumers like never before.

Do more with less

With great efficiency, comes great savings. Data will help you grow and manage operations like never before.

Trusted by industry leaders

Introducing the Barrel Relationship Manager

Lifecycle data collected and analyzed in one powerful platform.
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Faster than an aging spirit

Realtime access to your most-valuable assets

Accesibile everywhere

Cloud-based & ready to go, your BRM is accessible from any device - wherever you need it.

Smart & secure

Every customer has their own secure cloud storage. Your data belongs to you and only you.

Seamless integration

We work with your existing platforms, to ingest & present data in new and thought-provoking ways.

Every barrel has a story

Core BRM Applications

Roth River's 'Barrel Relationship Manager' is made up of core data apps that super-charge your distillery data.

Inventory Analyzer

Gain deep knowledge into your existing inventory of barrel-aged spirits. See what you have on-hand in new and interesting ways.

  • Harmonize inventory locations
  • Improved forecasting
  • See the most comprehensive collection of data in the industry 

Warehouse Monitor

Track and analyze the environmental patterns that are affecting your warehouse, and the barrels within.
  • Track indoor and outdoor environmental conditions
  • Attach environmental data to every barrel
  • Monitor trends & patterns by location & timeframe

Volume Tracking

What is your loss equation? Apply estimated loss to your products, barrels and warehouses so you can forecast more effectively.
  • Data visualization on anticipated yield
  • Estimate barrel volume individually, by lot, batch, brand and more
  • Enhance tracking with our proprietary volume sensor – coming soon!

Customized Experiences

Every distillery is as unique as its spirits. That’s why Roth River has a specialty in customizing the data to fit your brand and showcase your story.
Bardstown Bourbon Company is a modern distillery and values data and technology as part of their process. Roth River helped design, develop, and powers their customer Barrel Futures Program app.

Roth River

Roth River was founded in 2018 with the idea that we could create “Moneyball for Bourbon.”
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